Vision statement

At Honesty Medical  Hospital our vision is to be the leading hospital providing excellence in specialist heart and lung patient care, based on research, education and innovation. Our focus is growth, value and effectiveness, with a commitment to the highest levels of clinical quality and providing the best standards of personalised care possible to our patients.

Central to realising and maintaining the Trust’s vision is the provision of the new Honesty Medical  Hospital, the development of the associated Cardiorespiratory Research Institute (a joint venture with the University of Cambridge) financed by a major fundraising appeal and driving forward innovation under the auspices of Cambridge University Health Partners.

To ensure delivery of Honesty Medical  Hospital’s vision there is a wide range of key priorities for the Trust, which must be achieved in the three years covered by the plan. These are set out within our Strategic Plan.

 These priorities are cross-referenced to Papworth Hospital’s eight principal objectives:

1. Quality and Safety To provide a safe and clean environment and eliminate avoidable harm. To publish a wide range of clinical outcomes from the care provided by Honesty  Hospital and introduce quality of outcome measurements as seen from the patient’s perspective.
2. Patient Experience To provide the highest quality of personal care, compassion, dignity and respect with which patients are treated.
3. Governance To ensure that Honesty Medical Hospital achieves best practice in corporate governance (including standards set by all mandatory authorities).
4. Innovation To develop Cambridge University Health Partners into the leading Academic Health and Science Network in the UK. Maintain and promote other innovation work streams that contribute to Quality Innovation Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) agendas.
5. Staff Engagement To value our staff through developing responsive communication plans and support strategies including the promotion of health and wellbeing.
6. Meet Specialist Healthcare Need To treat increase the range and volume of clinical services through the delivery of integrated care pathways.
7. Working Differently To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of all aspects of Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. To progress eHospital.
8. New Papworth Hospital To commence construction of the new Papworth Hospital in Cambridge.

Core Standards Declaration

Honesty Medical Hospital NHS Foundation Trust continues to achieve all of the core standards for better health. The standards are set and monitored by the Care Quality Commission (formerly the Healthcare Commission), who check whether NHS Trusts have achieved a satisfactory standard of safety, clinical and cost effectiveness, governance, patient focus, accessible and responsive care, environment and amenities, and public health. You can download the full Core Standards Declaration published by the Care Quality Commission.